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Updated: May 22, 2022

The holidays are fast approaching and with them the equivalent of our industry’s “Superbowl” season. With the eCommerce boom that we’ve seen over the last year it’s hard to fathom the frenzy ahead! We have active imaginations though, so we envision being unprepared for the influx headed your way would be akin to Tim Allen’s panic at becoming Santa Clause right before his big night out on the sleigh. So think of Brand Guarde as your Bernard—right-hand (eCommerce) elf here to make sure that you have the resources to address problem areas and achieve a sales season like no other. 🎁

Tinuiti Resources

  1. 2021 Holiday Consumer Spending Trends

    1. If you haven’t looked at the forecasts for the sales season ahead we suggest this comprehensive downloadable! With data from over 2,000 U.S. consumers, this report helps dispel uncertainties brands may have over the upcoming quarter and answers questions like:

      1. Will shoppers flock to stores or stay away?

      2. Will online shopping continue its meteoric rise?

      3. Does Black Friday still matter if quarantines prevail again?

  2. Using Amazon Data for Last Minute Holiday Optimizations

    1. Mark your calendars because this webinar is coming in hot like Tim’s turkey! 😅

This might be last minute, but a worthy addition to your calendar full of insights on how to be prepared for the incoming holidays and associated industry issues.

  1. The impact on consumer behavior from last year’s "shippageddon"─ and how to navigate this year’s even more challenging 2.0 version

  2. The behavior of Prime members over the last year, and what we predict they’ll do this holiday season

Teikametrics Resources

  1. 10 Steps Brands Should Take for Holiday Sales Success

    1. This post is the perfect “check-list” to help ensure your brand is holiday ready! 🎄 We are a bit biased, but our favorite tip here has to be #3, Mitigate Buybox Issues. Many brands increase marketing efforts and advertising budget during the holiday season; however, if they aren’t winning the Buybox now, and aren’t going after the sellers stealing it from them, then that increased time and money is going directly to boosting 3P sales and not their own.

  2. Successfully Launching Products During the Holiday Season

    1. If you’re gearing up for a product launch, this webinar recap with David Koifman (Head of Growth at Kickfurther) and Andrew Waber (Teikametrics’ Director of Insights), is for your team! From tips on investors, to advertising and content strategy, this is an excellent resource to ensure your ducks are in a row and you have the right expectations for success. In line with our note above about increased marketing activities, David makes a great point about listing content for new products:

“The presence of more product imagery and A-plus content is associated with better selling product pages across price points, across verticals. So if you want to put yourself in the company of the product pages that are really selling the most in your category, it means having more product imagery. Likely in at least the 5-6+ range in terms of number of images, and have that A-plus or enhanced content below the fold so those folks that go down there and are looking for more information see something really nice that entices them and makes them want to buy the product.”

Brand Guarde Resources

  1. Organized Retail Crime

    1. While we’re supposed to be entering a season for giving, it’s also one of the highest times “for the taking.” While this blog post isn’t directly about the holidays, we do cover how we can help your company combat retail crime and the success a few of our partners have had in using our capabilities to catch sticky fingers. Not to mention it does contain some excellent Home Alone/Sticky Bandits references so it’s close enough to being on-theme. 😜

  2. How We Help Reach Your KPIs by Proving our ROI

    1. Holiday season and Q4 are synonymous with each other, which means end of year goals are looming. If you’re holding your breath and praying the sales ahead help you meet your EOY metrics, might we suggest a little helping hand. As both Teikametrics’ posts talk about, Buybox is an imperative part of sales success. If you aren’t winning the Buybox you not only are losing sales, but will have your advertising capabilities significantly affected during a season where marketing is imperative. We can help you remove unauthorized seller competition and get back on track to end the year strong.

And that’s a wrap! 🎀 While being reminded of the eCommerce frenzy ahead might induce some pre-holiday panic, our hope is that these resources help you feel empowered to own the upcoming season and reach all of your Q4 and yearly goals. And we say this often, but we mean it—our team of “Guarde-ian” elves are here to help you navigate any of your brand protection needs that lay ahead.




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