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Struggling Supply Chain, High Inflation, and Brand Protection Problems…Oh My!

Brand Guarde Is Ready to Help Brands Protect Profits This Holiday Season As Consumers Pullback

Impending freight strikes (which threaten an already bogged down supply chain) along with soaring prices are creating the perfect environment for the eCommerce industry to become an outright zoo as we head into the holiday season. As Bloomberg is reporting, “Many merchants, who sell more than half of the goods on Amazon’s web store, fear they’ll be forced to cut prices to move a mountain of unsold inventory.” Since the majority of these merchants are 3P Sellers, that means a season of heavy price violations and Buybox competition could lie ahead for brands.

This brewing storm has many brands, such as those held by Unybrands, trying to “hold their line” by cutting costs, especially logistics (which could be a problematic main course of action for any brand who uses freight). Our colleagues over at Riverbend are further warning that to compete, “sellers have to offer discounts and coupons and aggressive marketing, which can be expensive.” These threats are serious to the health of companies headed into the 4th quarter; however, brands don’t have to feel quite so much like they are the prey if they have a brand protection strategy and prepared service provider. While we can’t help the state of the economyor changing consumer habits created by itwe can help guard brands against desperate 3P sellers that can drastically erode margins and damage consumer trust if left unchecked.

It’s different for a brand to choose to lower product prices to meet the consumer market, rather than be cornered into heavy losses because they can’t win the Buybox against Unauthorized Sellers who are desperately dumping products. Our team has already been successful this year in helping our clients protect their profits in this wild economy and we are here to help you too.

  • Our software monitors all your marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping and more) 24/7 and provides updated data reports 8, 12, 24, or 48 times a day depending on your needs.

  • The Brand Guarde team has a track record of removing 50% of the most problematic 3P sellers for our clients in the first round of enforcement. Unauthorized Seller numbers further reduce by half with every action we take (on average).

Our Enforcement Timeline gives a breakdown of how quick our process is!

Our team is nimble with a proven protection process ready to start working for you. If you are concerned about what lies ahead, or you’ve already been facing pricing and reputation problems created by Unauthorized Sellers, we can have a brand protection program live and making real progress in a matter of weeks. A situation like this can often feel full of unknowns, our team is at your service (you can schedule a free consultation any time) to help answer any looming questions you have—and hopefully provide hope that the future isn’t as bleak as it sounds).




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