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PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING (or coffee in this case)

Updated: May 22, 2022

‘Tis the season for pudding! (And not Christmas pudding because no matter what our 23andMe says, we aren’t claiming to be British 😂). What we do claim, is knowing how to protect your business from 3P sellers encroaching on your profits. We also know businesses are rounding out the Fourth Quarter, which means this year’s goals are being “wrapped” up and recipes are being written down for next year’s success.

We hope we’re already included in your ingredients list for a successful First Quarter, but in case we’re not, consider this testimonial from Bulletproof Coffee as an example of our success. We would love to be “that” special ingredient to bake up a better solution for your brand’s eCommerce pain-points in 2022.


When Bulletproof came to us they had concerns about distribution leaks that were leading to a large number of unauthorized resellers on Amazon.

Their number one concern was protecting their consumer and maintaining brand trust.

  • Resellers were eroding brand confidence amongst Bulletproof’s consumers as shoppers had justifiable concern over tampered with or counterfeit products. At the time, Bulletproof had no way of verifying whether the products shoppers were buying blindly from 3rd party sellers were safe outside of the companies authorized channels. Not to mention customer service can be terrible to non-existent with resellers and this reflects poorly on the brand whose goods they’re selling.

Their secondary concerns were protecting their business and marketing efforts.

  • As anyone who has experienced 3P sellers knows, the brand was losing substantial profits to sellers stealing the Buybox and eroding product prices. They were unable to provide discounts or incentives to their consumers due to the price erosion they were experiencing. Amazon requires that sales are a 20% discount off of a products lowest listed price and because unauthorized resellers were dropping product prices well below a profitable return, the brand was limited in their ability to provide holiday discounts or exciting incentives to buyers.

We interviewed Bethany, the previous Director of Marketplaces at Bulletproof, on the brand’s pain-points before using Brand Guarde. She discusses the differing methods Bulletproof tried to use to fix their 3P seller problem and why they ultimately landed on our software and services as their solution.

  • Within a few months we were able to drop the reseller count on their key SKUS by 87% with one of the sellers being Wholefoods which is nearly impossible to remove due to its owner, Amazon.

  • Their Buybox percentage shot into the high 90% win rate when previously the brand experienced a Buybox as low as 80%.

  • Their consumer relations team saw a significant decrease in complaints and concerns from shoppers because they were less likely to have inadvertently bought products through an unauthorized seller. Due to this, Bethany and the Bulletproof team see our removal of 3P sellers as a bridge to repairing brand trust with their shoppers.

  • They have been able to use our investigation insights to find and stop distribution leaks that were feeding products to unauthorized sellers.

If this hasn’t been “proof” enough 😉 please check out our Case Studies Page or follow us on social media to hear about other endorsements and testimonials. ✨ We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have! Now let’s bring on the figgy pudding! 🎄




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