Protect your brand on Amazon

You have been a part of building your company from the ground up. You have invested vast amounts of time and resources to build a brand that people know and trust.

But now you're facing serious threats to your years of hard work at the hands of Counterfeiters, MAP Violators, Gray Market Sellers,  and your Competition who is gaining market share.

Meet The Team

Joe Kovacs
Director of Business Development
Derek Thompson
Director of Client Services
Adolfo Hoyos
Solutions Architect
Ashley Stewart
Legal Liaison
Cristian Lopez
Brand Protection Manager
Lauren Duncan
Director of People Operations

Welcome to Brand Guarde!


I created this company because I am passionate about fighting for the things that matter in life.


I started my first business with $400 and a dream of being able to provide a better life for my family and be present for them. After a couple years of hard work and dedication to that dream, we saw our first venture grow to a multiple 6 figure business that allowed me to work from home and watch our little girls grow up. This was possible largely due to the exposure and tools the Amazon platform gave our business.

I have also experienced the pain and frustration of seeing those dreams threatened by doing business on Amazon. Our company has battled counterfeiters and unfair blemishes to our reputation while also navigating the shifting rules and confusing seller support. As we have worked to overcome those challenges, we have gained valuable insight into the processes and strategies necessary to succeed on Amazon.


We want to offer this experience from the trenches of e-commerce to help other businesses take control on Amazon and turn this marketplace into a channel of strength.

Joe Kovacs 

Founder, Brand Guarde

Nicolas Cepeda
Brand Protection Associate

*Brand Guarde is NOT a law firm and does not give legal advice.

We help connect our clients to specialized outside counsel for all specific legal advice and legal services.