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Updated: May 22, 2022


We understand that price is often a determining factor when purchasing anything— especially when it comes to software or added tech services. Not only do you want all the capabilities you need, but at a competitive price that makes financial sense for the work being done (with no surprise fees). Transparency is an integral principle of ours, which is why we provide a clear pricing page, and are here to expand on common questions and concerns that arise around brand protection services.


We are here to serve you, which means that the price groups we have listed are just a place to start (and hopefully function as a helpful tool for you to ballpark where your brand is likely to fall). If your company fits into one of the buckets, that's great! But every contract is customizable to your brand's needs:

  • Customize reporting options

  • Add additional marketplaces

  • Adjust the number of monthly enforcements

  • Increase daily scanning frequency

  • Change number of products monitored


Built into any plan are the foundational legal documents and policies necessary for successful brand protection enforcement—including Resale Policies (Material Difference) and cease and desist letters. Additional costs are incurred for: MAP Policies, Distribution Agreements, Resale Agreements, DMCA Subpoenas, and of course lawsuits. We do provide these legal services through our legal partners at a significantly discounted rate to help our brand protection clients. A few very important notes on this matter though:

  1. Our goal is that enforcement never has to reach the lawsuit level. We are not a law firm and only call in our great legal partners when absolutely necessary so you aren't paying high legal fees for actions that don't require their set of skills (like law firms that specialize in enforcement). That's not to say that we have never seen a lawsuit become necessary, but we arm you with all the data and reports necessary to determine if a particular reseller is financially worth taking legal escalations with (in many cases you'll find that it is not).

    1. We do most of the cease and desist letter serving/leg work so that you are not having to pay large hourly legal fees to have a lawyer do these actions. We find it's most effective to have legal counsel send letters to only the most challenging offenders. This cuts down on needless legal expenses unless a reseller digs their heels in and is refusing to comply (which is not often once you've served them the previous cease and desists).

  2. We can help you evaluate if any additional legal documents are necessary based on your particular distribution model and brand protection needs. In most cases, those documents are not required upfront and can be created in a later phase of a brand protection strategy.


While is usually where most of our customer's problems and revenue flow through, we are actively expanding our marketplace coverage. We can monitor and at this time; however, we are able to do the legal enforcement legwork across multiple marketplaces (many unauthorized seller offenders sell across various channels, but we have their contact information available through our extensive Amazon and Walmart database).

We'll also drop a little secret to those that have read this far...we'll be expanding into monitoring Amazon Canada and Google Shopping this year. 😉🤫


We sure do! And that's something that a lawyer or a legal-based enforcement company will rarely do. We build goals into every contract that we hold ourselves to because you're paying us to be successful—if we don't remove the number of sellers we agreed to, you get a return of the percentage we were unsuccessful.

  1. While many brand protection companies will hang their hat on the number of removed sellers we take it even further because vanity metrics aren't really our thing. Removing 5 resellers that don't compete for your buy-box or take away significant market share isn't actually doing your company any good. This is why every brand gets a comprehensive dashboard that not only reports the number of sellers on your products but who is routinely stealing your buy-box and selling below market price. These top buy box and price offenders then become our number one priority for removal.


Absolutely. Obviously, our intention is to remove sellers, which means we move from a reactive response (removing unauthorized sellers is the focus) to a proactive response of monitoring your authorized sellers (MAP enforcement is the focus). A level of maintenance is always necessary so that you don't end up back where you started, but just like we do at the beginning, pricing can adjust to your needs over time.


Yes! We work with many great agencies and do offer agency pricing and as a part of our referral program. If this would better fit your needs, please reach out to our team and tell them you're looking for agency partnership information.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the pricing-related questions you could have, so please reach out to our team if there is something we didn't cover here (or drop a comment below)! If we feel like a good fit for your needs, our team would love to have a call with you.

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