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The Problem

A report commissioned by the International Trademark Association (INTA) and the International Chamber of Commerce, said the global economic value of counterfeiting and piracy could reach $2.3 trillion by 2022. The global value of the counterfeit market in 2015 stood at $1.7 trillion.


The UNODC and the World Customs Organization estimate 75 percent of counterfeit products seized worldwide in 2010 were manufactured in East Asia, mostly in China.

"I've tried everything and nothing seems to work"

The Solution

Transparency by Amazon

Transparency is an item-level tracking and tracing service that helps brands proactively identify and prevent counterfeits. 
How It Works

Enroll your products in Transparency with Brand Guarde

Apply Transparency codes on all your products

Other retailers

Customers can use the transparency 

app to authenticate units regardless of where they purchase


Amazon Fulfillment Centers scan Transparency codes to ensure only authentic products are shipped to customers

What you Need to know

  • Each transparency code is a unique alphanumeric non-sequential code that can only be generated and issued by the Transparency department at Amazon.

  • Transparency keeps track of every code along with the brand and the product for which it was issued.

  • Brands apply unique Transparency codes on every unit they manufacture.

  • Amazon scans Transparency codes within its Fulfillment Centers to ensure that only authentic products are shipped to customers. Units that fail Transparency checks are investigated for potential counterfeits.

  • Customers can use the Amazon Shopping app or the Transparency app to authenticate their products regardless of where they purchased them, Amazon or any other marketplace. 

  • Brands can choose to share rich unit-level information including manufacturing date, manufacturing place, and enhanced product information (e.g. ingredients) with their customers upon scanning.

Pro-active Counterfeit Prevention: Amazon has invested in implementing Transparency checks at its US Fulfillment Centers, allowing Amazon to proactively prevent counterfeits of Transparency-enabled products from being shipped to customers from Amazon warehouses.


Customer Transparency: In addition to enabling customers to authenticate products, brands can use Transparency to communicate rich unit-level product information including manufacturing date, manufacturing place, and enhanced product information (e.g. ingredients).


All brands MUST have a Registered Trademark 

our Transparency process

1. Intake

We’ve put together a simple intake form where you’ll enter the details for your brand including your Business Details, Trademark Registrations and Products to enroll.

2.) Review

Brand Guarde’s team will analyze your intake form and fill out the application for you in a way that maximizes the likelihood of your Transparency application getting approved.

3.) Onboard

Once your brand is approved by our Transparency partners, our team will work with you to find the most efficient and economical implementation of the program for your brand.

The Guarantee

This is our Brand Guarde Guarantee:

If we are not able to get your Brand enrolled in the program within 30 days, you will receive a 100% refund.

Are you ready to sleep easier knowing your brand is fully protected from listing hijackers and counterfeiters? 

let's get started!


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