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Updated: May 22, 2022

Or we’re on our way to! Earlier this year we announced our expansion from Amazon U.S. to Walmart, and now we’re happy to share that Brand Guarde’s software and services are fully integrated into covering Amazon Canada and marketplaces! Four bases makes this a home run announcement right? (Yes we know there’s technically only 3 bases, but humor us for the analogy and give us home plate too?) ⚾🎉

In announcing our foray into Amazon Canada, we acknowledge that monitoring and enforcement in another country can be tricky. Rest assured that we have actively consulted (and will continue to) with outside counsel in Canada to fully support our tracking and enforcement on this marketplace. We will dive deeper into Trademark Law in Canada in another blog post, but the main thing for you to know is that at this time the same legal foundation that supports our work in the U.S. also applies to Canadian eCommerce regulations (namely Material Difference in regards to the First Sale Doctrine). When it comes to currency, we have made it easy to keep track of MAP violations and price erosion with a built in currency converter and the ability to monitor the price between Amazon U.S. and Amazon Canada. 💸

Offering a pioneering brand enforcement tool with a next level service team is what our company is about. Not only have we prioritized expanding our marketplace options, but our development team has worked tirelessly this year to upgrade every element of our dashboard’s capabilities to best serve you. If you are a current client you’ll know about these changes; but if you’ve worked with us in the past or are new to Brand Guarde and searching for a solution to your brand protection needs, here are some awesome updates we’ve rolled out this year!

Dashboard Launch

  1. Early in the year we launched our Seller Insight Dashboard. Transitioning from smart sheets to a fully designed, auto populating, and client facing interface. This is the foundation of every improvement we’ve made this year. Users are able to monitor Buybox share, the top resellers contending for a brand’s sales, MAP violators, price erosion, removal rate and actions taken, plus more important brand metrics and insights.

Seller Profiles

  1. This cutting edge feature creates a CRM style database for every seller in our system and their specific activity on a brand—including the activity in the enforcement and removal process.

    1. Did you know that we uniquely link sellers to all of their marketplace accounts? This is helpful for a few reasons: we are able to identify the sellers moving the most unauthorized products across the eCommerce sphere for a brand and prioritize their removal; furthermore we can ensure that they are abiding by cease and desist on all platforms and not just moving product to a different marketplace where they think they haven’t been caught (If we see this kind of activity a seller moves to the top of our priority list, #Strike3TheyreOutOfThere!🙅‍♂️).


  1. Are you an agency or a brand that wants to know as soon as an important activity takes place on your brand? We offer a feature that is triggered to send email notifications based on brand, product, or seller parameters.

Now we’d call all of those updates a resounding triple! 🏏

If you’d like to know more about our services or have any questions please feel free to reach out to our team anytime! You can also learn more about our brand protection strategy (that informs our dashboard’s capabilities and innovation) here or learn about our pricing.



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