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New Price Report: Minimum Advertised Price Compliance

When it comes to monitoring your partners for MAP compliance your brand needs to see the full scoreboard—which sellers are violating your pricing policy, when they dropped their price, and what marketplaces their listings are affecting. This is where our new Product Price Report Tool excitedly raises its hand and says, “put me in coach!”

What is our play here? Giving your brand a home run tool to police partners and protect your profit.

Our Price Reporting Tool Is Your Little Black Book of Price Transgressions

  • View your brand’s sellers and product list prices all in one place and easily see all violators denoted in red.

  • Analyze average price and lowest price compared across all the offerings.

    1. This includes a breakdown of daily, weekly and monthly price comparisons on the lowest, latest, and average prices listed for your products.

  • Link a product’s listings across different marketplaces to holistically visualize your eCommerce listing health.

We’re Here to Help Your Team Keep Score

  • The data provided in this report will arm your team with the historical “proof” needed to enforce upon partners who are eroding your pricing and profitability.

  • We also consider this report a “receipt” of our own to prove our team’s effectiveness in protecting your product listings and increasing sales prices over time.

Set Your Eyes on a Winning Sales Strategy

  • Monitor your distributors and sellers over time to flag frequent offenders and weed out partners that are bad for your brand goals.

    1. Your team can use this information to generate “do not sell” lists.

  • Examine the evidence provided to inform your team’s plan of attack

    1. Which marketplaces and sellers are your team’s top priority?

    2. Is there a pattern of violations against a specific product, on a certain marketplace, or during a set season that requires extra attention?

  • Set pricing benchmarks to hit as you bring your average price back to MAP.

    1. This also helps easily quantify your return on investment for our services!

Are You Ready to Price Report?

Price control does not need to feel like going up against a goliath rival. Whether you are feeling down-and-out or just experiencing the pains of price erosion, Brand Guarde has the tools and expertise to rally your team and go to bat for you when necessary.

If you are ready to take charge: we've got the moves, so reach out for a demo and personalized report!

(Current client, this new feature is automatically available to you. 👏 If you have any questions please reach out to your Brand Guarde Brand Manager.)



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