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NEW PRICE MONITORING TOOL: Helping Home Improvement Brands Shutdown Price Wars

Updated: May 22, 2022

In the home improvement industry there is a disastrous price war going on screaming for shopper allegiance.

“Everyday low prices,” yells Walmart while Home Depot tries to drown them out with, “The Lowest prices, guaranteed.”

Not only that, but they both contend with the enemy, Amazon, whose online sales notoriously badger brands and price gouge till the bottom line becomes the ceiling. Enter our latest price monitoring tool and your best weapon against MAP violations.

Pandemic Home Improvement Boom Heats Up Competition

The Home Improvement sector has boomed over the pandemic due to antsy at home DIYers desperate to make a more conducive home/work environment during quarantine along with stimulus money that many decided to invest into renovation projects. Couple this enthusiasm for home improvements and an elevated real estate market with high inflation and no extra stimulus money this year, we will find brands and retailers battling for sales from DIY shoppers and professionals hunting for deals. Lowe’s has specifically told shareholders their strategy to maintain growth this year includes emphasis on improving their eCommerce presence—which could bode poorly for brands if this strategy hangs any hats on pricing competition.

How does Brand Guarde help take back price margins and hold retailers accountable for bottoming out your bottom line?

  • Provide a platform that monitors the top eCommerce marketplaces for your industry & SKUs

  • Offer custom scaping reports to ensure your business’ specific seller-spaces are covered

  • Arm you with evidence to prove when a specific retailer or seller started a price war

Can you imagine how helpful it would be to have the data to call out a retail partner on price eroding practices? Or being able to reduce Buybox suppression and ad limitations placed on your brand by Amazon as a consequence for lower prices on other sites? We can hear your sales and marketing teams cheering now!

Partner our bespoke price monitoring (to manage authorized retailers) with our removal services (for unauthorized sellers) and you have the Swiss Army Knife of brand protection platforms. So are you ready to take back your pricing and fortify your brand against price wars? Reach out to our team so we can set up a custom brand protection battle plan for you!



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