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Updated: May 22, 2022


Did you know that The Global Consumer Electronics market is expected to grow by 5.25% by 2026? While this is a healthy growth projection, brands in the industry are definitely feeling the pressure to compete for shopper dollars. Companies in this space can feel that they are often in uncharted territory—faced with evolving standards on energy efficiency and eco-friendly products while consumers expect continuous developments of novel technologies and quality control.

We can help protect your piece of the industry pie from other (proverbial) kingdoms who are out to conquer you. Know this, if you are a brand in the CE sector, the last thing you need is additional competition for consumer attention. We can’t be your compass for new consumer trends to get all eyes on you; however, we can be a valiant knight who:

  • Protects you by pointing directly to the retailers who are creating price wars in your territory of the market

  • Guards your products from unwanted listing invaders

  • Gives you better armor on retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and B&H

How is our MAP monitoring tool your best weapon?

Well we know a little bit about competition too, so we set out to create a tool that could rise above the rest. While there are other MAP services out there, our software incorporates MAP monitoring and unauthorized seller enforcement in an all-in-one platform. (If we were in a dual I'm pretty sure we would win😏.)

  • Do you have retail partners and unauthorized sellers undermining your marketing and sales strategies? We have the tools and the legal finesse to enforce on both.

  • Do you have retailers driving down your price? Our software monitors the top eCommerce marketplaces for your industry & SKUs to arm you with evidence proving when a specific retailer or seller started a price war.

  • Do you need a specific marketplace monitored? We provide custom scaping reports to ensure your business’ specific seller-spaces are covered.

If you’re curious why we really drive home the both/and approach in relation to MAP monitoring and unauthorized seller removal as an encompassing brand protection practice check out this blog post. It is imperative that your team knows that MAP monitoring is the "Holy Grail" to authorized retail partner management and that your brand needs a different legal avenue to protect against unauthorized sellers. We do both to streamline your team’s protection process— Contact our team to get started on our all-in-one protection platform!



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