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Updated: May 22, 2022

Is Your Pet Brand Playing Tug-of-War With Retailers Over Product Pricing?

It’s no secret that the Pet Products sector is booming—driven by the “humanization of pets” and escalated by at-home pet moms and dads. Over 20% of pet parents polled said they spent more on their animal post pandemic compared to pre pandemic (which in the dog-eat-dog world of business means heavy competition among retailers and flagrant pricing violations as they try to beat their competitors for king of the hill).

(disclaimer: brand experience is far less adorable than this giphy🐶🐱)

According to Common Thread Co’s thorough industry report, “Pet food and pet supplies are the second and third biggest ecommerce CPG categories across the industry.” Enter your brand. It’s tough enough competing with other companies in your industry, let alone also being bulldozed out of the dog park by your own retail partners. That’s where Brand Guarde excels. Think of us like your personal Animal Control and our new MAP monitoring tools as our police scanner.

We know that Chewy and PetSmart earn most of the industry's eCommerce revenue alone so we automatically monitor their marketplaces along with Amazon, Target, and Walmart—Amazon’s foray into white-label pet goods means they are increasingly a player to watch here. In addition to the platforms already scanned, we can build custom scraping reports to monitor any rowdy retailer on your list.

How does Brand Guarde protect price margins and help your brand hold retailers accountable for MAP violations?

  • Provide a platform that monitors the top eCommerce marketplaces for your industry & SKUs

  • Offer custom scaping reports to ensure your business’ specific seller-spaces are covered

  • Arm you with evidence to prove when a specific retailer or seller started a price war

If you have retailers getting wild hairs about devaluing your product pricing, or stray “animals” trying to encroach on your territory, our MAP monitoring tool and enforcement team are here to clean up the dog pile on your brand. Reach out to talk to our team of skilled “dog catchers” for a custom build protection plan!

If your brand isn’t in the pet industry we can still help you! Check out our blog covering the Home Improvement sector for another example.


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