Seller Removal On Amazon

"I’m dealing with unauthorized sellers on my brand’s product listings."


You have worked too hard to craft a positive reputation for your brand only to have that hijacked by dozens of resellers who are dropping your prices below MAP and harming your relationships with other retailers.




By utilizing your brand’s intellectual property rights we can help to remove unauthorized sellers from Amazon. Our team will work to craft a strategy that establishes a material difference between what you offer as the manufacturer and what resellers are offering. Courts have upheld that in the case of material difference, resellers are not protected by the first sale doctrine.


Armed with this information, we investigate each 3rd party seller on your listings to uncover their identity and then use our effective 3 stage enforcement strategy to get the seller removed.


Because of our thorough and custom strategy, we often see 75-80% of resellers removed within the first 3-4 months.  

We then can escalate the enforcement action over time to remove the remaining sellers.


Our promise: “Remove 90% of Unauthorized Resellers in 90 Days or less”