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"Our products are consistently threatened by counterfeiters. They are driving down prices and hurting our reputation."



Update: We have stopped offering brand gating services as Amazon has implemented initiatives such as Brand Registry, Transparency, and Project Zero to combat issues of counterfeiting and is no longer accepting brand gating requests.


If you are dealing with issues related to unauthorized sellers with legitimate goods, we have developed proven processes to get results. Reach out to us now to set up a free discovery consultation.  

Counterfeit goods cost legitimate brands billions of dollars each year. If your products are regularly targets of these parasitic sellers, your brand could be eligible to qualify for Brand “Gating”. This would restrict sellers from listing their products as “New” on your listings. There are no guarantees with this process as Amazon could choose to deny your request, only “gate” some of your listings, or restrict access to most/all of your catalog.



We have developed a process for working with Amazon Support to submit the Gating request which can dramatically increase your chances of success.  For us to complete this process your brand will need:

  • To be approved for Amazon’s Brand Registry

  • A pending or registered trademark with the USPTO

  • A prioritized list of products to be gated (especially if you have a large catalog)

  • Evidence of steps taken to reduce and fight counterfeits


It will be necessary to have a discovery session to discuss whether your brand is a good candidate for Brand Gating. All pricing will be established up front before any work is completed. You will know exactly what you are paying for and what to expect. 

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