Devalued Reputation

Consumer confidence and brand value take years to develop. But they can quickly be damaged on Amazon's platform in several key ways:

  • Lower price compared to other channels results in lower perceived value

  • Low quality listing content hurts image

  • Negative product reviews due to experience with cheap counterfeits



For many companies, retail partners are the main sources of distribution. Yet retailers are facing pressure to compete with the lower prices found online. 

"I can get it cheaper on Amazon." 

They hear the phrase everyday.

Lack of price control on Amazon leads to strained and lost retail partnerships.



How much value is being lost for your company by not having an intentional and consistent strategy to protect your brand 

on Amazon? 

How much revenue is your competitor capturing by having a more active presence on the marketplace? 

It's time to start fighting back.

Your Data Partner

Advanced Web Crawling Technology

Brand Guarde connects advanced scanning technologies with one of the largest marketplace reseller databases in the industry.  Our tools empower brands to better manage their distribution by providing unique insights into resellers on marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.  

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